PBT Consultants Sdn Bhd

Testimonial from Azizan Ahmad, Standard Chartered Bank

It all started with a “one-off” team building programme in late 2005 that I agreed to in order to humour a colleague who kept on insisting that I try this “consultant” out. During the programme, it dawned on me that PBT was different and this is the training partner I have been looking for all along. At the end of the pilot programme, all my key managers voted to have the module rolled-out to the entire division comprising of about 700 people in various teams.

From that point onwards, together with PBT, we started developing customized modules that were effectively executed by PBT and produced outstanding and long-lasting effects on my staff and our division’s performance.

The “Breaking the Barrier” program in particular; designed to help cascade down our 3 year goal had brought my staff engagement to a different level and helped produced many cost-saving initiatives that made it possible for us to achieve our business goals even during turbulent economic condition.

5 years and many modules later, our relationship with PBT has grown to a different level and today, we regard them as our “partner” rather than “provider” in training.

Azizan Ahmad
Head, Wholesale Bank Operations
Standard Chartered Bank